Meetings at an unique location in Amersfoort

Whatever your wishes or needs are, the Berg team will do everything to make your meetings a success: quality guaranteed. Amrâth Berghotel Amersfoort offers top quality facilities and is located at an absolute A-location for meetings: the Amersfoortse Berg. Meetings, trainings, team building and parties: Our rooms can receive up to 120 guests!

Overview meeting rooms and packages

Rent a meeting room in Amersfoort

Our 16 multifunctional rooms are fully equipped. The rooms range from 27 m² to 195 m² in size, suitable for groups of 3 to 100 guests. You are very welcome for a tour, then we will look together at what is the best space for you and your meeting. 

- All rooms are wheelchair accessible 

- All rooms have air conditioning and daylight 

- All rooms have free WiFi 

- 120 paved parking spaces and free parking 

Unique to our meeting rooms

Our meeting rooms are decorated in a rustic and modern way. The spaces have various locations in our building, each with its own style. This way we know for sure that your ideal meeting room is in between. This distinguishes the spaces from each other: 

  • Room 1 has a C-Touch screen 
  • Room 2-8 can be combined 
  • Rooms 9, 10 and 11 are located in the south wing 
  • Room 12-15 are located in the basement 
  • Room 16 is our boardroom 

Options & Setups

The following resources are present in your meeting room by default. 

  • Notebooks 
  • Writing utensils 
  • Meeting kit with desk items 
  • Projector 
  • Flipchart 

Do you need a laptop, microphone or television screen? All your AVG wishes can be realized. The setup can be adjusted based on the examples in this table. We are of course happy to provide extra chairs, tables or other requests for you.  

Your host or hostess is at your service during your meeting. He/she is your point of contact and ensures that your meeting runs smoothly. Whatever your wishes or needs are, the Berg team will do everything to make your meeting a success: quality guaranteed.