Strengthen the talent within your team with various activities!

Teams have many talents, but how do you ensure that all the different people also work together optimally? Do we know what to expect from each other? Do we actually know each other well and how do we talk to each other to improve the cooperation? 

Our cooperation partner The Feasible Map maps out those differences within the team (literally) and ensures that employees understand how cooperation can be improved and the team will function better. The Feasible Map helps teams to grow and to enjoy working together more. 

Training / Workshop

We look for the behavioral style that suits the participants. What characterizes someone, where does the collaboration run smoothly or, conversely, is difficult. To then discuss with each other and discover how the cooperation can be strengthened. 

Team building

Go outside for an active part. All team building activities are fun to do and - if desired - give the opportunity to discuss mutual cooperation. How are the assignments handled? 

PUB Quiz

There are many different themes to choose from, ranging from Topography, Language, Nature, History to Music. But a collaboration puzzle or questions about one's own organization are added with all the love. 

Escape Games

You won't really be locked in, but a lot of locks will have to be opened to reach the end point. To do this, many complex puzzles must be solved. So far few have succeeded in getting everything resolved within an hour. 

Smartphone Challenge

With smartphones, all teams go into the woods. An app indicates important places in the forest where points can be earned. You don't just get those points, because the necessary things have to happen. It can be hands-on assignments, but it can also be necessary to solve complicated puzzles. 


Teamwork literally takes shape thanks to bamboo. Will it be a joint achievement that towers above the team, or will it be a playful battle between smaller groups. Or rather a creative challenge to appeal to other qualities. 

Build a catapult

Do you have to go on scouting to shoot a soup chicken? Maybe, maybe not. In all cases it is a fun way to build a large catapult with which that rubber soup chicken has to be shot into the air. But how far does the chicken get? 

Build marble run

Feel young again, that's what happens when the marble rolls and gets to the right place. A lot of thinking and fine-tuning work is required to achieve the goal. Who does what? Is there consultation? People are busy, but if desired, there is also reflection on the construction process.