Hybrid meetings

Coming together in a big way in the 'new normal' - it's challenging, but certainly achievable! The Bergteam offers you the solution: hybrid meetings. A hybrid meeting is the perfect combination of an intimate live setting and a strong live-stream connection. 

Your participants or guests are online at your conference or event via the internet. It is precisely during these times that it is so important to stay in touch with each other. Do you have questions about your planned event or are you looking for a suitable alternative? Our experts are ready to advise you and take care of your worries! 

  • You don't want to just abandon the objective of your meeting and still achieve it this year? 
  • You are forced to think about the budget for your event and other alternatives? 
  • Are you up for new opportunities and looking for productive opportunities? 

We have an ideal range of live-stream packages to organize your hybrid meeting. For example, you can have a meeting recorded to share and watch back later. Whatever you wish, with today's technology everything is possible. In this way you can successfully organize the same meeting without taking risks with large groups. This is how we work together to achieve your goals.